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The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: If ever once Scott Walkers religous background is ...

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: If ever once Scott Walkers religous background is ...: If ever once Scott Walkers religious background is showing through; there it is and God bless him! They don't even meet the lowest ...

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: The Hand of Man 06 14 2013

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: The Hand of Man 06 14 2013: The Hand of Man 06 14 2013 AT: The Nature of Self Deception “Everything is hard for you because you already know everything?” Or...

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Platform for Native Americans

A Platform for Native Americans

“I am a member of the Blackfoot tribe” he said.
“He is a white man. He is a talker. Now I can out talk him.” He continued.

This old Blackfoot tribe member looked like a Jew to me, but so did the members of Osama Bin Laden’s AK 47 dessert posse movies.  “It is a fear based response recognition” I keep telling myself as I stereotype.

The title of this PBS program was “Summer Sun, Winter Moon.”

To the Native Americans---

No one else will have the courage to do it so you so you must.

The Native American natural diet had to be one of the most healthy there was.

This country needs you to be the proponents of healthy foods. To do this at some point you must eschew tobacco smoking in the program you create towards a more healthy lifestyle.

Nothing runs more counter to Native American culture than today's high sugar diets. Eschew soda in favor of natural sodas.

Establish a business of healthy nature bars without sugar. It would be a hit.

Channel money from your casinos into this health food business.

Also speak in favor of alternative energy and the idea of removing mercury from our waters.

If you're successful at this in 15 years you would see a Native American as the first Native American president of the United States.

A great disregard for our land and waters has occurred and the Native American community should be vocal in terms of cleanup and conservativism.

The days of smokestacks are going to come to an end and you should be at the forefront.

And there are many white people who would have would love to dance around and a powwow if you held one in a casino, I am one of those.

Zero emission should be your motto.

The Blackfoot tribe member was writing a poem and brainstorming,
“Tell the truth to make our lives, something about forgiveness, something about retrieving the journey to see what was missed.”

You have the potential to be just as smart as the Chinese, the leading country today.

No movies are better than Native American movies. They feature nature scenes and goodhearted responses to irrational conflict.  Pragmatism in thinking by Native Americans.

Severe ties to organized crime as you progress or nothing good will come of you and us in the future.  I know they manage your casinos.

Those who do not follow the culture of soullessness reward us with a better future.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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